Friday, May 17, 2013

27 weeks and third trimester

may is such a busy month in the rutherford household!  there's my birthday, mother's day and the end of school and all that entails and without fail, it always seems to creep up on me each year!  we've had a lot of fun but man are we tired!

my incredible husband knows my love language exactly!  tulips, chocolates, and time with him!  he took the day off for my birthday and we had so much fun going to estate sales and antique malls while the boys are at school.

then the next weekend was mother's day!  i always prefer handmade gifts from my boys because i think they are the absolute sweetest thing!  burrito made me a flower pen in a painted flower pot and noodle made me a lovely brooch pin that i proudly wore all day.  i forgot to take pictures of these things but i did take pictures of the hilarious and super sweet things noodle made at school.
noodle's artistic rendition of me!
see if you can translate his writing

and then this past week was our last week of school!  monday and tuesday were burrito's and noodle's end of year parties at jump street (an indoor trampoline park) and then lunch at the park.  wednesday and thursday were half days and we celebrated the end of school with double scoops of ice cream at braum's!
check out that long hair!  we went for haircuts right after this but i'm not allowed to share pictures of that on the blog just yet per my little men! :)

and here's an update on our third little guy!  i am 27 weeks and getting big, big, big!
i am seeing my midwife every couple of weeks now just to keep on eye on him and we have our next ultrasound appointment scheduled for june 19.  we are really praying for good things to be seen at this appointment!  he is still moving around like a wild thing, so much so that my midwife could barely get a good heartbeat reading because he would move away from her prodding!  i'm finally sleeping better and as a result, i am feeling great!  though i am technically starting the third trimester, i feel like i am in the second trimester groove of feeling good and just enjoying being pregnant.  i definitely feel my older age this time around but i am so thankful to be pregnant and experience the joys of mothering an infant once again! 

the teachers at john's school gave us a diaper shower a few weeks ago and we were completely overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of others!  we received oodles of diapers and gift cards and we are so thankful to experience the love of others towards us and our newest little guy!  i have been enjoying nesting a bit in the nursery, though i still have a long way to go before it feels right!  it's been fun though to have a reason to craft and paint and make things. 

so i think that covers most of everything going on in our world right now.  we are pumped to be on summer break and after taking a few days of rest and relaxation we will start rutherford summer school.  we plan to really focus on reading, writing and math this summer with the boys to keep things fresh.  i love reading aloud to them so we will do lots of that as well, and of course all of the boy things like climbing trees, playing sports, swimming and digging in the dirt!