Wednesday, June 19, 2013

the skinny at 32 weeks

ha, ha, i crack myself up!  the skinny at 32 weeks!  i'm not exactly skinny right now.  i'm full of baby!

so today was the long-awaited ultrasound.  we've been waiting with expectation for this appointment since our last appointment, april 4.  you might remember at that last ultrasound, the doctor confirmed that silas' abdominal organs are on the opposite side of normal.  everything below his diaphragm is flipped.  he checked for any heart defects then and found none, but did note that his intestines looked a little lighter than normal on the scan.  everything else looked great, and we felt so blessed leaving that appointment with such good news (considering some of the things we could have expected).

so we went in today with our arsenal of questions ready and praying that our little guy would still look great on the ultrasound.  and he did!  his heart was perfect with no defects.  the doctor said that if there was something wrong, we would have been able to see it today.  his stomach measured right on average which indicates that his GI system is working well.  his intestines looked perfect with no obstructions or signs of dilation.  everything is hooked up the way it should be!  he is in the 30% percentile for size so he won't be huge but he is following the path of his parents and brothers, ha! 

when we asked the doctor about his spleen, the doctor felt that because there were no other complications that he would likely have a normal spleen, just on the incorrect side.

the doctor even went so far to say that we should consider this a normal pregnancy and a normal baby, other than his flipped organs of course!!!

we asked him his opinion of what should take place after silas is born, and he said there was no need really of taking him to the children's hospital for an evaluation.  he referred us to seeking our pediatrician's advice and wisdom on silas' care after birth.  we couldn't believe our ears!  john and i were not looking forward to making a trip to the hospital after me giving birth and having to make lots of really important decisions regarding our baby at such an emotional and mentally exhausting time.

so that's the skinny on our really great appointment today.  silas was breech today, but i noticed that he just flipped this way a couple of days ago, and i feel sure with the way he moves around like a crazy man, that he will flip back to the head down position soon.

thanks for praying for us and for our little guy silas jack!  we are praising Jesus!

Monday, June 3, 2013

may madness and 30 weeks update

our last day of school was may 16 and we've been living it up over here at the rutherford casa!  we love the lazy days of summer and the opportunity to take a breather and enjoy the simple things of life!

one thing we did do before school let out was get some much needed haircuts.  burrito loves his hair and has very specific ideas about what he likes and doesn't like so his hair just got a good trim.  noodle, however, decided to go for a new summer do to look more like dad.  get ready for this before and after shot!
he looks so different but we've all decided it's a good look for him.  he does look more like dad and even older, though i hate to admit that! :)

we've had some super fun friend and family occasions to attend.  first was the once a year chance to see our "adopted" cousins from virginia beach and lubbock.  i wish i would have thought to take a picture of all the kids together but that would have been like trying to herd a bunch of cats!  so instead we settled for a "mom" picture.
my sisters from college
and here is a picture that just shows a few of the kids at a birthday party we were able to attend with our "adopted" cousins.  we just love them!
we celebrated the high school graduation of my younger cousin kelley so we thought it would be fun to take a picture of all the "roe cousins."  notice how we are ALL girls.
and now three of us have had kids of our own and all but one are BOYS!

we've also enjoyed being home and relaxing and enjoying the unseasonably cool weather for texas.  we've eaten lots of meals outside on our patio.  we love to sit back there and watch the birds and squirrels eat and play.
there have been several impromptu rain showers here and there so we've taken full advantage of playing in the rain too!
thanks to a generous gift from mimi and poppy, we have season passes to hawaiian falls (a local waterpark) for this summer.  since we won't be able to travel to the beach this summer, hawaiian falls will be our pretend beach!  the boys love to swim and do all the slides and it is so fun to watch them be crazy with john.  since i'm baking a baby, my participation is somewhat limited but we have had fun in the wave pool and lazy river.  i'm never a fan of swimsuits and so being 7 1/2 months pregnant in a swimsuit is really not my thing but swimming is about the only thing you can do in texas in the summer so i've learned to just get over it!  i'm only including the below picture because i wanted to document silas' first trip to a waterpark! :)
and speaking of silas, i am 30 weeks today and feeling every bit of it, ha!  i have another midwife appointment tomorrow and then the next level 2 ultrasound on june 19.  while it has seemed like it's been ages waiting for this next ultrasound appointment, we are thankful that we've been waiting with good news rather than bad.  the last ultrasound, while it did confirm that his abdominal organs are flipped, it also did not disclose any other problems.  we went into the appointment really not knowing what to expect and left feeling like we received the best news possible.  we continue to pray that we will once again receive good news at this next appointment.
i feel about 10 times larger than what i look in this picture.  and he's still a crazy thing, moving all over.  one new thing...he has had the hiccups a few times which is such an incredible feeling.  i'm really trying to be intentional in appreciating all the miraculous parts of pregnancy.  i've also enjoyed nesting a bit in the nursery and actually completed a pinterest project for his room!
this mobile hangs over his dresser which is also doubling as a changing table.  it was very simple to make...just scrapbook paper, dowel rods, ribbon and thread.

so that's a little picture of what we've been up to in the month of may.  looking forward to some june fun before little silas makes his appearance in august!