Tuesday, July 16, 2013

nursery reveal (and i'm 36 weeks!)

we are so pleased to share silas' nursery with you!  we wanted to keep things simple and modern.  we first fell in love with this crib and the room evolved from it.  we have the chevron crib sheet in grey, yellow, and green so those became our colors for the room.  we saw a similar pear picture on pinterest and our extremely talented friend painted what we consider the best part of the room!  we avoided themes but silas' name does mean forest, so you will see some trees in the room too.

my favorite part about his nursery is that there are so many personal, hand-made decorations from friends, family and even me...a true reflection of how much he is loved!

we love this crib!

the amazing pear!
made by my uber talented sister
framed picture by my sister and the blocks were made by friends and family at his baby shower
my contribution...a mobile to look at while getting a diaper change
ikea spice racks turned bookshelves painted by me

grey and yellow chevron afghan made by my mom
i love my diaper bag :)
silas banner made by a sweet friend for another shower and the trees painted by our artist friend
now we just need a baby!  i am 36 weeks pregnant and i've reached the point where my body can't keep up with my brain and to do list.  burrito and noodle both came a little early so my bags are packed and ready for whatever may or may not happen in the next few weeks!
i love that a lot of these prego pics of me have been taken by my older boys.  such a sweet thing and it is so fun watching their excitement grow as the day we meet silas nears!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

35 weeks

well, my goal over the last few weeks of this pregnancy is to take a picture of each week until silas comes!  i am feeling pretty pregnant at this point.  i'm sleeping terribly because i can't get comfortable and this child is a wild thing!  my feet are sometimes swollen, i'm always hot (it doesn't help that it's july in texas!), and i feel like my tummy might explode! 

i've just about finished nesting! :)  my bags for labor are packed, the car seat is in the car, and little baby boy clothes are washed.  i think we all are ready to meet this little guy!  i'll post pictures of his nursery soon.  i'm really happy with how it has all come together.  now if he will just come a wee bit early!