Monday, April 6, 2015

burrito is 11!

burrito you are 11 today!  i am so glad God gave me you.  i'm sorry you've been our "guinea pig" baby but i am praying that we have done more right than wrong in parenting you thus far.

you are really growing up.  when i look at you now, you look more like a young man than a young boy.  i know my job is to prepare you to launch one day, but i just want to hold you even tighter.  please stop growing up.

here are a few things about you right now:
you love football.
you don't love chicken, but you are getting better about eating meat in general and being less picky.
your love language is touch. you love wrestling, tackling and hugging.
you are a great athlete.
you are a fireball.  i know the Lord will use this for his glory. (this is what reminds me that we are alike.)
you love watching tv.  good thing we have rules, ha ha.
you memorize things very quickly.  i'm always amazed at how fast your brain works this way.
you like reading trivia books and comics.
you ask deep theological questions.
while practicing violin is not your favorite, i think you have natural musical ability too.
you love your brothers. most of the time.
you love dirt and being dirty.
you are a great helper and you are quick to jump up and grab something or help me out with salsa.

burrito, we are so thankful you are part of our family and maybe one day i will let you grow up!