Friday, October 23, 2015

noodle is 10!

noodle you are 10!

i remember turning 10 and thinking it was a big deal to be "two hands." i am so glad God gave you to us because we need you in our lives!  we are all so high strung and you are so laid back.  while that can aggravate us at times, you are exactly what we need!

it is such a joy to watch you grow up but i really wish time would slow down just a little!  you are my sweet lover and you give the best hugs and snuggles.  we are alike in that neither of us are morning people, and i'm jealous when you get to sleep in but i am up with salsa, ha!

here are a few things about you right now:
you love all things technology.  if i don't know how to do something technical, i know to ask you!
you are laid back and sweet and chill.
you like playing sports outside with the neighborhood kids.
you love bread.  seriously.  you have been known to only eat bread for an entire meal.
you love art projects and you love to draw.  i'm really impressed with your skill.
you think about others and you are very sweet.
you are self-motivated and want to make all good grades at school.
you like to set goals and you meet them.
you are so thoughtful, even spending your own money to buy me a cookbook (expensive!) at the book fair.

you were our baby of the family for almost 8 years but you slid into the role of middle child with ease.  you make our family fun and relaxed and i love you for that!