Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 in review

here are some of my favorite memories from each month of 2015:

found the missing soccer balls
i loved this outfit on him

so proud of his mess!
new lunchboxes for valentine's

israel project at school
best buddies

grandparent's day
easter at church
easter cousins
burrito turns 11!

started running...neither of us was a fan!
growing up...ugh
road trip!
camping in oklahoma

all 3 boys in 1 bedroom!
the zoo
being goofy
beach trip to galveston

4th of july with friends
vbs at church
lots of trips to the zoo
coming home from the library to read

play-doh meatballs
i want to be like my big brothers
1st day of school...6th and 4th grades
salsa turns 2!
birthday party at the farm

early morning bird watching
ice cream after school
picking out our pumpkins
at the pumpkin farm

a rare picture of us
salsa's first horse ride. he LOVES horses!
sponsoring our first child through compassion
noodle turns 10!
salsa's bff at church
be very afraid!  our halloween costumes
new rain boots
football playoff game
new haircut. and "garbage truck face."
our thankfulness tree
o christmas tree
reading the advent story
santa is scary, ha!
matching cousin jammies
our christmas card
brothers. how i love them!

2015 you were a good year.

Friday, December 25, 2015

christmas 2015 in pictures

christmas 2015.  burrito is 11, noodle is 10 and salsa is 2.  this has been one of my most favorite christmas times.  i'm not sure if it's because we did only things we love doing (and not everything under the sun!) or if it was the warmer weather which meant that we were outdoors a lot or if it was because we were all healthy and happy.  it was just good.  HE is the giver of good gifts!

christmas school party with noodle
christmas school party with burrito
gingerbread house decorating
gingerbread house decorating
cookie decorating for this guy

by burrito. he said the house was vandalized!
by noodle.  this says so much about their personalities!
new basketball goal
hanging the advent ornament

christmas morning.  this was the best i could get, ha!

he had a toys r us gift card and this was the ONLY thing he wanted.  this kid loves vacuums!

coloring in a new color book. my lefty may be a righty???

a serious cook!

hope you and yours had a very merry christmas. we sure did!