Thursday, October 24, 2013

a foodie name for silas

when i started blogging, i was a little nervous about using the boys' real names with all of the blogosphere.  it's probably not a big deal but i'm a little paranoid like that.  so we used the boys' nicknames instead, which just happened to be foodie names.  burrito's name came about because it rhymes with another nickname we have for him.  noodle's nickname was coined after the way his body was always so limp when wrestling with john as a toddler.

so naturally when we found out we were having another baby and that this baby was a boy, we almost immediately started brainstorming a blog name for him.  it was fun to announce his real name here on the blog when we finally decided on one (it's tough when you already have 2 boys with great names!) but from here on out, my paranoid self would prefer an inconspicuous nickname.

well, here's the story of his new foodie name:
we were sitting at the table one night eating a meal that someone so graciously brought to us (this is a HUGE blessing after having a baby!) and it was of the mexican food variety, our favorite!  noodle was reading the bag of tortilla chips and accidentally read "silas" when the actual word was "salsa."  i immediately yelled, "that's it!"  it really is is spelled almost the same way and this baby has most definitely added some spice to our life (and continues to do so!).

so silas' new foodie name is now salsa!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

2 months old!

so much changes in so little time!  my sweet baby silas you are 2 months old and getting so BIG!  you are getting more and more fun.  you are cooing and talking so much and it is so fun!  you give us big smiles and you kick your legs and wave your arms like a crazy man.

your favorite place is the diaper changing pad (of all places!).  you've outgrown many of your newborn onesies and footed jammies.  you can get your left fist into your mouth and noodle is so excited thinking you might be a leftie like him.  we will see.  you finally like your play gym and you will bat at the toys hanging from it.  you still don't like your carseat but now you only scream 50% of the time instead of 100%.  you like going for walks in the jogging stroller. you still get up once (mostly) in the night for a snack but i am hoping that soon we will both be sleeping through the night.

i love having another chance to snuggle with a baby. your long toes are my favorite.  you still enjoy baths and enjoy being bounced in our arms when you are upset.  you do not enjoy tummy time and usually vocalize your distaste for it pretty quickly.  your hair is growing but you are still my baldest baby.  you love watching your brothers and i think it is so sweet to see how much they love you.

time is going by way too quickly and yet i am eager to see what this next month of life with you holds. we love you so much baby boy!

happy 8th birthday to my noodle

noodle today you are 8 years old.  as the years fly by, i grow more and more enamored with your sweet, sensitive spirit.  you are going to be one great husband and daddy, i am sure of it.  as i think about who God has made you to be, these are some of my favorite things about you:

you like to sleep (like your mom) and you are not a morning person (like your mom)

you are naturally athletic and love all sports

you are still a game lover and if there was a choice of doing anything in the world, you would say "let's play a game!"

you love animals, video games and legos

you are a great student and you are disappointed when you make a 97 on an assignment

you are friends with everyone

you still like to "check in" with us when you are off doing something fun

you have big blue eyes with long eyelashes

you are a lover and you always snuggle up next to me on the couch

you have an infectious, high-pitched laugh

we had fun celebrating your birthday with you (a little early) this year.  we celebrated with my family on sunday, complete with a pinata, a football toss and balloons and darts.  you received the lego set you've been pining after forever, pokemon cards, a texas a&m blanket and a texas a&m football helmet and jersey.

we celebrated your family fun day at it'z where you and burrito had fun playing games, winning prizes and driving bumper cars.

happy birthday to my sweet noodle!  we love you so much!