Wednesday, July 23, 2014

11 months!

look close and you can see those little teeth up top poking in!

salsa you are 11 months today!  you are changing SO much that i feel like you are a new child each day!  lots of people are commenting on your hair as of late so i think you are finally getting enough now to notice.  you are my baldest baby of the three but you have beautiful blonde hair coming in nicely now.  you also have FOUR new teeth!  all four of your upper front teeth are poking in all at the same time which has made life a little more interesting lately.  you are constantly eating your hands, poor buddy.  you are going to look so big and so different once they are in all the way.

you are saying lots of sounds and you have found your screaming voice.  you scream when you're excited and you scream when you're mad.  i really should say screech because it is so loud and high pitched.  we all shrink in embarrassment when you choose to do this in a store.  i've never had a screamer before so this is new territory for me.  you say "uh", "da da" and "na na" a lot.  for awhile you would say "uh" for noodle and "na na" for burrito which was so funny to us.  you laugh a lot at all our silly antics.  when we ask you where the light is, you will look up at the light and when you crawl towards a "no no" you look back and grin to see what we are going to do.  you are such a stinker already!

you are exploring new foods but you definitely have likes and dislikes and there's not much in between.  you are now eating breads and muffins, you've tried bananas, avocados, cheese, and pasta but you are not a fan of those just yet.  i can hide just about anything in bananas and you will gobble it up.  you love eating puffs and cheerios.  we are still working on drinking out of a sippy cup.  you still nurse about four times a day and i am so thankful this has worked out for us.  you always pick up your food with your left hand so we are all wondering if you will be a leftie.

you are on the move!  you are pulling up on everything and cruising around your room with your little walker.  you love to hold our hands and walk all over the house.  you pull up and sit down and then hit repeat.  you like to pull all of the books off of your bookshelf.  your favorite toys are your car that you pretend to drive and your learning home.  you love the touch and feel books and will even try to eat the hair on the lion.  you love to knock over towers we build with blocks.  you also love your school bus and will crawl all over the house dragging it around with you.  you still choose to do the army crawl even though you know how to crawl the normal way now.  you sit up and lay down easily and it was a shock to see you standing up in your crib a few weeks ago for the first time.  you are all boy and love to rough house.  i will swing you around and pretend to "throw you in the floor" and you just grin and giggle.  you still love the water so bath time is always a hit and you have loved our trips to the water park.  we didn't know what to expect but we can go for about 4 hours and you love every second of it.

sleeping is still a challenge and we are still trying to figure out the best ways to help you.  you are now napping in your crib and have learned to soothe yourself to sleep after crying for just a bit.  your cry is so pathetic though it still breaks my heart.  i am so glad that you are napping better but now your sleep at night is not so great.  we've given you a little stuffed elephant to snuggle with that we've named "eggbert" in hopes that having a "lovey" will help you.

you are such a sweet addition to our family and it is fun to watch each member of our family care for you in their own way.  burrito is on high alert when you are pulling up on things because he does not want you to fall and get hurt.  noodle plays real sweetly with you and you love to stare at him while we are eating at the table.  daddy will lay on the ground and you will crawl all over him and you seem the most content to play on your own when he is sitting in your room.  i love our sweet nursing times and our walks through our new neighborhood.  it is so fun to me to watch you take in the world.  you are growing up my little man and i am so blessed to witness it!