Saturday, September 26, 2015

salsa's 2nd birthday: at the farm!

we celebrated salsa's 2nd birthday at a local farm.  he loves all things animals so i knew this would be a hit.  2 year old birthdays can be a little challenging:  they need a little more activity than a 1 year old party but they are not quite old enough to play party games or participate in anything too structured. and i couldn't resist ordering this adorable shirt from etsy for him to wear on his big day!
let me just say a farm party is perfect for this age!  and you know what else i realized...a farm party is great when you have kids from a wide range of ages.  burrito was the oldest one there at age 11 and the youngest was just 6 months younger than salsa.  and let me let you in on another secret...i think the adults had a great time too! :)

the sign that greeted us as we arrived
we held the party on a saturday morning because august in texas is HOT.  it was for a couple of hours which was plenty of time to see the animals, play on the playground, eat cake and open presents.  i found this local farm online on accident and i am so glad i did.  it was one of the easiest, low maintenance parties we've done.  i just did simple decorations...cow print tablecloths on 4 picnic benches, little hay bales as centerpieces and a farm-themed cake from a local supermarket!  i bought cowboy hats for the kids to wear on the hayride and they were able to keep them as party favors.


we let the kids play on the playground and see the chickens until everyone arrived.  then we loaded up on a trailer led by a tractor for the hayride.  we went around the farm and saw pigs, goats, chickens, a horse and farm dogs.
checking out the chickens
all loaded up and ready to see the farm
we brought bite size apples and carrots to feed the pigs and goats.  we divided these up into baggies so that each child had their own food supply.
feeding the pigs

this was definitely a goat farm and they sell goat milk in their little farm store.  there was one boy goat and lots of girl goats.  and they were all excited to see us with our apples and carrots!

they even had two baby goats born the day before so all the kids were able to pet a brand new baby goat!
salsa with the baby goat
after the hayride and feeding all the farm animals, it was time to feed ourselves.  i ordered this cake from a local grocery store and was really happy with how cute it turned out!

singing "happy birthday"

pretending to blow out the candle that would not stay lit :)
then we let the kids play and roam the farm while salsa opened up his presents.  by the time he was finished though, he had several spectators.

happy birthday salsa!  it was so fun to share the farm experience with you and all your little friends!