Saturday, February 28, 2015

snow day

this week has been so unusual in the weather department.  we missed school on monday and tuesday because of ice, had a delayed start on wednesday and then an early release on friday!  you never know what you are going to get in texas and those poor weathermen....they never get it right.

so monday and tuesday was mainly ice and not much fun to play in, though burrito and noodle of course did.  wednesday was beautiful, heavy snowflakes but they went to school and by midday, the sun was out and you would have never known that it had snowed that morning.  yesterday, however, was a completely different story.  it started snowing at our house at 8:20 in the morning and was still snowing when we went to bed.  it's been more of a freezing rain this morning but the temperature is still below freezing and our ~3 inches of snow is still beautifully covering the ground. 
this was taken at midday before we were completely blanketed

we had a pajama day!

salsa and i enjoyed watching it come down yesterday but i couldn't fully enjoy it till all my peeps were home safe that afternoon.  as soon as they arrived home, out we went.  burrito and noodle were gone in a flash, playing with the neighborhood kids, but i did manage to get a few shots of salsa's reaction to the snow before we decided it was too cold and wet to stay out for long.

he wasn't a huge fan, as you can tell by the look on his face in these pictures, ha ha!  but he was a good sport and it was briefly fun.

Monday, February 23, 2015

18 months!

i haven't blogged much in forever and i don't feel guilty about it.  i hate that i haven't written down lots of details that i know have already escaped my feeble memory, but at the same time, life is so full and i've chosen to be more in the moment, which can be a struggle for my "do, do, do" personality.

but, i thought surely i can carve out a few minutes to write down a few things about my 18 month old, salsa!

18 months!

i can hardly believe it!  in most ways, the time has flown by and i am daily amazed at all you are doing and understanding now.  you are so smart and so funny.  here are some of my favorites that come to mind...

sleeping...yes, let's start here.  you are FINALLY sleeping well at night and you have even learned how to turn on your music in the morning and rest a little longer.  i am SO thankful.  naps are still a little unpredictable but i have learned to be content with whatever you give me.  most of the time you are taking an hour long nap in the mornings from around 10:45-11:45.  sometimes a little longer and sometimes a little shorter.  your afternoon nap always takes place in the car in pickup line.  it doesn't give me much downtime during the day to get things done, but i have learned how to prioritize and i just don't beat myself up over how clean or messy the house is anymore.

eating...this is kind of a mixed bag too.  you don't have any problem eating chunky baby food but if i try to feed you what we are eating at meals, 99% of the time you refuse to even try it.  i don't really care though.  i've asked your dad if he knows of any high schoolers still eating baby food and the answer is always no. :)  you'll get it eventually.  you will eat yogurt and a muffin or toast for breakfast every morning.  for lunch you will eat a grilled cheese panini most of the time, though there are some days you surprise me and refuse.  you eat cheddar bunnies by the pound, honey nut o's, cereal bars, and granola bars for a snack.  dinner is usually baby food even though i still offer our food every night.  you have become a much better milk drinker and you are still nursing morning and night, which we both love.

dadaaa = drink, diaper bag
moi = more and ballon (i know, weird)
a = abe, outside, titus
blah = bath
yahyah = violin
yayon = wagon
nene = airplane
eese = teeth, peace, milkies

your favorites:
the vacuum.  this is by far your most favorite thing on earth.  so we bought you a toy one for christmas and you like it, but you adore the real thing.

the washing machine. you love the agitator and will recognize the change in noise when the machine switches to this cycle.  you will come and get me and growl and insist that i take you in there and open the lid so you can watch it.
cleaning:  you love to get a baby wipe or a wet paper towel and you will follow me around and wipe any and everything. including me.

noisy appliances:  the blender, the can opener, the food processor, even the coffee maker.
trains:  this is by far your favorite toy right now.  thomas and all our wooden trains and tracks. i'm amazed at how you will push them around the tracks and not completely destroy them like your older brothers did at this age.

balloons: you LOVE balloons. except you call them "moi." and you YELL it in every store in which you see a balloon. it reminds me so much of your older brother burrito who was obsessed with candles, except like you, he called them his own name, "sna!"

you are running and climbing everywhere. you like to be outside and swing on the swingset.  you can tiptoe.  you give the best hugs and kisses.  you like to fist bump.  when we ask you, "who made you?" you reply "God."  you know to grab hands at the table when we pray and you say your own version of amen.  you still love to read and have your favorite books (goodnight moon, the big red barn, thomas, elmo and cookie monster make alphabet soup).  you make us laugh all day long!  you are such a joy to us and i am happiest watching you figure out the world.