Sunday, April 21, 2013

baby name announcement!

we are excited to announce that we have finally decided on a name for our newest son!
(and yes, this is one of the few posts where i will mention our sons' actual names). 

silas was a leading member of the early christian community who accompanied paul on his second missionary journey.  we knew we wanted another biblical and unusual name to go with our other two sons, titus and abraham.  i had originally read online somewhere that silas meant "the third" which i thought was totally appropriate since this is our third son but researching a little more, silas is latin for "woods" or "forest."  i like the first meaning better myself!

we picked jack for a middle name because our other sons have "j" middle names.  we wanted another name to also go with titus james and abraham jude.  i've always wanted to incorporate my hubby's name john in one of our boys' names but he's always been against it.  it was his idea to choose jack, which is often a nickname for john.  i loved it!  jack means "God is gracious."

so that's a little background behind his name.  while we love it, we have also experienced reactions of those who don't.  if you don't like it, please keep that to yourself.  you don't want to upset this already hormonal momma, alright?  ha, ha!

and here is an update on little silas jack:

i've definitely got the baby bump going on now.  i will be 24 weeks tomorrow, 6 months!!!  i had a midwife appointment this past tuesday.  i've only gained 6 pounds but she wasn't too concerned because silas is measuring close to normal size on that last ultrasound.  i was really sick early on in the pregnancy so i think that's why i've been slow to gain weight but if this pregnancy follows my previous two, you just wait!  i will be huge!  

his heart rate was 135 and he is still moving a lot!  we talked about several possible scenarios with silas' birth and i feel more at ease about things.  we are basically in a holding pattern until the next sonogram at 32 weeks, which would be the second week of june.  we would likely have another closer to delivery time, perhaps at 36-37 weeks just to triple check on things.  as of this moment, i still have the option of delivering him naturally in a birth center which is my goal and desire.  then we would head shortly thereafter to the hospital to have silas checked out fully by a neonatologist.  if anything new pops up on the sonogram, then we will just have him at the hospital and have everything done there.  

so my job right now is to just keep cooking this boy so that he will be big and strong when he makes his appearance.  i'm feeling good, just really tired.  i think it's a combination of keeping up with the schedules of my older two boys and worrying a bit about this little guy.  i stopped consulting "dr. google" which has definitely improved my nerves, and i'm trying really hard to trust God and have faith that He will provide for all of us whatever we need.

we are so encouraged by the kind words and prayers of our friends and family.  it is good to pray for silas by name.  thank you!

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  1. So glad to hear you are less worried and I do love the name.