Thursday, January 23, 2014

5 months!

salsa today you are 5 months old!  that is almost half a year!  time with you has been so sweet and i can hardly remember life without you.

you finally figured out how to roll from your back to tummy after several days of frustration and trying.  i was in the kitchen and walked back into the living room, and there you were on your play mat, on your belly and looking at me like, "what just happened."  i plopped myself down next to you to make sure i didn't miss your new trick again, and you rewarded me by rolling over again.  funny though, it seems like you go day to day either remembering or forgetting how to do this all over again.  i think your problem is your big head.  your big head is so big that the pediatrician was a little worried and sent us for an ultrasound to make sure no brain fluid was leaking.  i was never worried about it though because all my boys have big heads!  and of course, your head checked out just fine.

you are now enjoying your exersaucer and bumbo seat.  it is so fun to see you sitting up and playing with toys.  i think you like your new vantage point too.  you still love to suck on your fingers (and sometimes whole fist!).  you love your big brothers and think they are the funniest and most fascinating.  i can't remember the last time you have cried in the car.  you almost seem to enjoy playing or sleeping there now and we are all so grateful!

you now seem to "know" your people and you don't care too much for strangers.  i noticed this first at your 4 month checkup with the pediatrician.  when he walked in the room you looked at him, then at me, then started crying!  

you also threw a curve ball at us when you decided that you no longer like bottles.  you've always taken a bottle at bedtime from dad but one day, you decided that they were no longer needed and you only want your mama now.  i won't was a little tough on me and i enjoyed a tiny break in the evenings, but i am so thankful that you are exclusively nursing now and seem content and happy.  the nights transitioning to that were long as you would wake up every 2-3 hours, but now we've settled back in to our sleeping mostly through the night.  what a difference that makes!

i was gifted an awesome baby food maker for christmas and i plan on investigating the best methods for making baby food so that we will be ready to go when we introduce solid foods to you in a month.  you are showing interest in what we are eating and drinking, but i have a feeling this will be a slow process for you.  you are still a tiny little guy though so i am hoping that you will enjoy these new foods and fatten up a bit.

salsa i love how you have changed our family.  you have forced us to slow down a bit and marvel at the simple things in life.  your big brothers are still over the moon about you, and it is sweet to see them appreciate and comment on every noise and move you make.  burrito told me the other day how he thought all babies look a little weird when they are first born so i asked him if that was what he thought about you.  with great indignation in his voice he replied, "umm, no. he was adorable!"  i've been working on your baby book and looking back at the pictures of your birth make me so happy and satisfied.  i am so thankful that God made me the mother of 3 boys.  with His help, i hope to teach you and your brothers how to be Godly men that love and honor and serve Him and others.

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