Sunday, February 23, 2014

6 months!

it's my half birthday!
salsa!  it's your half birthday!  half a year ago you finally made your appearance early in the morning and it is one of the most memorable moments of my life.  i almost daily think of the perfect way you came into this world and i am so thankful for the peaceful and intimate experience we had with you.

you have changed our world in only good ways and each one of, your daddy, and your two big brothers love you and marvel at all the little new things you do each day.

we've had so many changes this past month that i've had to keep daily notes on my phone to not miss a thing!

your favorites include all of the baby gear we have lurking around our house now, including the baby einstein jumper.  i thought you would like this because it was one of burrito's favorites as a baby and your little personality favors him.  you love to jump! so now you rotate from the jumper to the exersaucer, then the bouncy seat or the play mat.  it is so fun to watch you explore each one.

i always wanted to be a "baby wearer" and this was the last thing on my "bucket list" of things i really wanted to accomplish with you....natural childbirth with a midwife outside of the hospital, breastfeeding (we've made it 6 months baby!!!), and now baby wearing!  i bought a boba and you love it!  we've revolutionized our grocery shopping experience and you've even fallen asleep in it while i vacuumed the house!
your first ride in the boba!
you've been quite the social one this past month with playdates with your friends zoey and bennett.  it is so funny to watch you look at other little people your same size!  you also love being outside and with the warmer weather we've enjoyed several trips to the park with your older brothers after school. you love to lay on a blanket and watch the kids or play with your feet.

one of the biggest changes this past month has been your new helmet.  it's been a bit of an adjustment for all of us.  at first, it seemed so odd to see you wearing it, but now it seems weird to see you with it off!  sleeping has been the only issue that cannot be completely resolved but we're working on it!

this has also been a month of firsts!  i simply cannot believe how fast you are growing up and things are changing!

you had your first bite of real food: rice cereal!  you were not a fan at first but slowly came around and then we couldn't feed it to you fast enough!
rice cereal...i'm not so sure about this mom!
your first tooth...that's right, a TOOTH!...appeared on february 11.  your lower right central is poking through now!
look close and you can see my new tooth peeking through!
your first vegetable was a sweet potato and you immediately gobbled up your first serving on february 20.

you have also mastered the art of blowing bubbles, rolling from back to belly and then back again with ease, and you are doing this funny thing, shaking your head vigorously back and forth.

i am so enjoying appreciating all the stages of life with a baby and when you smile at me with those dimples of yours, i melt everytime.  i love you salsa!

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