Friday, March 28, 2014

how we accidentally sold our house

yes, you read that right.  what did we do over spring break?  we sold our house that wasn't for sale!

if you know me, then you will know that i am always looking at houses online and always ready to move.  there is a real estate site called zillow that has an option where you can list your house with a "make me move" price.  i did this a couple of years ago at an outrageous price but then lowered it to a more reasonable price when we found out our family was expanding.  i've had numerous inquiries from different people wanting more information but then they would never follow up with a phone call which indicated to me that they weren't really that serious.

well that all changed over spring break.  i received an email from an agent indicating that she had clients who were interested in seeing our home.  i responded back explaining that we weren't really ready to put our house on the market because we didn't really want to move until after school was over in mid-may.  i thought we would be more serious about taking those steps in april, but i offered to show them our home if they were really interested.  the agent responded by saying she thought that timeline would be perfect for her clients as well so we set up a showing for saturday.  this was a thursday.  you can only imagine the rapid cleaning and decluttering that ensued.  i am normally quite the housekeeper but with a baby that doesn't sleep, lethargy usually wins out over deep cleaning.  but i am proud to say we got our act together and got the house in tip top shape by saturday.

so to make a long story shorter, the couple came with their agent, liked the house but were seeing several others that day, and then made a really good offer on our house that evening.  we countered, they accepted and here we are nearing the end of the option period and we just may have sold our house without it being technically for sale.

john and i think this is the best way to sell a house, ha, ha!  he's even come up with a business venture and named it "not quite for sale."  i think he has something, except that zillow has already done it!

so now our great house hunt begins.  and packing. and box collecting. and moving! but really, all i want is sleeping.

p.s. we are really thankful to God for this unexpected blessing!

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