Sunday, April 6, 2014

happy 10th birthday burrito!

burrito you are 10!

it is such a joy watching you grow up into a Godly young man!  i love your inquisitive nature and wide vocabulary.  you are FULL of energy and love every sport.  you think your dad is the coolest and want to be just like him.  i am thankful for the fun, simple things you still love too, like climbing trees and digging in dirt. you and noodle like to use your imaginations outside with your "weapons" (a.k.a. sticks!) and dress up like pirates and bad guys.  you are a great big brother to salsa and you are always quick to help me when i ask for it.  you love noodle too and get worried when he's not there sleeping beneath you in your bunks.  you are still a social butterfly and you love watching people.

your family fun day this year included donuts for breakfast, lunch at panera, and dinner at cafe brazil.  we visited the perot museum for the first time and went to the lego store to buy a star wars lego set.  it was a full day of fun and we enjoyed spending the day celebrating you!
outside the perot museum and the cool escalator
salsa had a good time too!

burrito, your dad and i are so proud to call you our son and to continue to teach and love you.  thanks for making us parents 10 years ago!

love you!
mom and dad

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