Friday, November 28, 2014

fall 2014

well life is just so busy and my computer is so full of pictures, that both have prevented me from being a faithful blogger.  thanks to a new external hard drive and thanksgiving break, i am finally able to sit down and share some of my favorite pictures from this fall. 

this is my favorite time of the year! 

we kicked off the fall by enjoying a family trip to the zoo.  i think this may be our new picture spot.

i had to do a little photo shoot with salsa and the pumpkins.  he was moderately cooperative.

 we celebrated noodle's 9TH BIRTHDAY on october 23.  i simply cannot believe that my big boys are getting so big!  noodle you are still my super sweet and sensitive child who always has to make things right before you go to bed at night.  i love your heart and how it desires to be in a right relationship with others.  you were an awesome pitcher and 3rd basemen in baseball this fall with the phillies.  you are a great student and get upset when you make anything less than a 98!  ha ha!  you are a great little brother to burrito and a great big brother to salsa.  salsa really loves you and thinks you are the funniest thing!

carving pumpkins was so fun this year and noodle and burrito took full charge of accomplishing this task all on their own.  we roasted the pumpkin seeds and had fun lighting the pumpkins each night.

halloween was a fun-packed day!  there are so many fun fall things to do and i find myself running out of time each year to get it all in.  so we did it all on halloween this year!  the big boys had an early release day at school that day so they enjoyed parties at school and then we went to IHOP for free scary face pancakes.  after a quick afternoon nap for salsa, we went to a local pumpkin farm and had so much fun running around and enjoying the scenes of fall there.

 we even braved the corn maze this year and finally found our way out!

 we had to be a little silly too by taking some action shots jumping off the hay bales!

 salsa's favorite part was the farm animals!

and then we did the traditional halloween trick or treating in our new neighborhood.  the boys had a blast!  there were so many trick-or-treaters, that cars could not drive up the street.  it was super fun to meet new neighbors and see so many people out loving on kids.  salsa and i made it up one block before it was his bedtime and john took the big boys until they were complaining that their candy bags were too heavy!

we decided a while ago to do a star wars theme this year, so we had obi-won kenobi, a clone trooper and salsa was r2d2!

we've enjoyed our fall and look forward to celebrating advent!

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