Sunday, August 23, 2015

salsa you are 2!

happy 2nd birthday my sweet salsa!

these past 2 years have been some of the sweetest years of my life.  you are such a gift to our family and i almost can't remember what life was like before you.

thinking back to your birth, it all makes sense knowing who you are now.  you arrived 11 days after your due date.  you were completely content being with your momma and that has not changed.  you love your people and are happiest when we are all together.  you love to give me kisses and hugs and you get so excited when daddy gets home.  you call him "dadden" and you say "ga gaaa" when he gets home because that is you taunting him to get in the floor and wrestle.  you love your big brothers and do whatever they are doing, which is a blessing and a curse, ha!  you call burrito and noodle by the same name "ah" which is what you have always called noodle and you still refuse to even attempt saying burrito's name.  you're a stubborn one!  you three share a bedroom now and this has revolutionized your sleeping!  you still get up too early in the mornings but i am thankful that you are not waking up multiple times at night.  you just didn't like being by yourself and i think it is so sweet that you are all together at night.  since your brothers are so much older than you, i had hoped that one day you would share a room before they thought that was not cool....i just didn't realize we would do that at 21 months!

you like to pretend to cook in your play kitchen.  you insist on me tying on 2 aprons every time you cook and you like to pretend to cook bread and cookies.  you wear your oven mitts when you carry your little cookie sheet around.

you have discovered play-doh and we like to make little meatballs and shapes in the different colors.  you refuse to try to eat anything new but play-doh, no problem!  let's eat that!

you still enjoy playing trains with all your thomas trains and tracks but you have also developed a love for anything with wheels.  we pulled out all of burrito's and noodle's hotwheels and roads and all 3 of you play together with cars.  i am so thankful that we saved all of our favorite toys because it is so fun bringing those out and watching you play with them too.

perhaps your favorite toys right now are these little plastic animals that we've collected over time.  we have a little giraffe family and other african animals and you like to line them up in our window sill.  you even saw a picture of a rhino in a magazine the other day and went and found the plastic rhino to show me!

you love to run and your brothers have shown you how to lean down to touch your fingers to the ground and say 1, 2, 3 go!  you will do this over and over again!

you still love books, water, vacuum cleaners and balloons!

some of our favorite words that you say right now:
beep beep
bye bye
gway, gway=blanket
kitty cat

your favorite foods are chicken nuggets, meatballs, hummus, muffins and bread of any kind, bowtie pasta, burgers, cheese panini, crackers, chips, and of course, cookies!

happy 2nd birthday salsa!  we love you so much!

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