Wednesday, November 30, 2016

salsa's silly sayings

i was so good about blogging regularly when burrito and noodle were little but with 3 active boys now, i find myself writing things in my head but never making it to the computer.  then i fall into that cycle of regret where i think it's too late to make up for lost time.  instead of continuing to beat myself up, i decided just to sit down and do it even if this is the only time it happens!

so here are some of my favorite things that salsa is currently saying:

you know the little grippers on the bottom of socks so that you don't slip? salsa calls them gummy bears. "mom do these socks have gummy bears on them?"

he has a hard time making the "s" sound at the beginning of a word so "song" sounds like "cong." he asks me all the time, "mom what is that cong called?"

his favorite game right now is zombie.  one night around halloween time john picked up this plastic knife out of salsa's play kitchen and started moaning like a zombie.  he chases the boys around the downstairs grunting and the boys run and scream.  salsa is completely obsessed with this game.  he wakes up in the morning and asks, "play zombie tonight?" 

he still loves the vacuum.  the other day i was vacuuming and he of course had his play vacuum and was right by my side, imitating my every move.  all of a sudden he stopped and motioned for me to turn it off.  so i did and he said, "mom, i want one of those for christmas! a big one.  a black one!"  cracks me up!

he also loves to emulate his big brothers.  he has this tiny little notepad and a pencil and he walks around scribbling on it and he says, "i'm doing my homework!"

he also love to say "of course!" all the time! and "oh my goodness!"

this age is my favorite because their language explodes and their personalities really shine!

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