Monday, September 16, 2013

3 weeks old and baptism

silas you are 3 weeks old now.  you are looking around more and more and you love staring up at the ceiling fan.  you are just starting to coo some which totally melts my heart!  you are awake more and more and just when we think we have you figured out, you throw us for a loop and we are scratching our heads about eating, sleeping and burping.  you've been a real trooper through all your doctors appointments and your mama is SO ready to have that behind us!

yesterday you became a covenant child of our church as the rest of the family took our membership vows.  you were baptized by pastor kyle and spoken to by elder phil.  we were wondering how you would do and you did great!  you were awake and looking around at all the lights.  pastor kyle walked you around the congregation (which we love!) so that everyone who were vowing to pray for you would see your cute little face.  you weren't a huge fan of the water when it came to the actual baptizing but you didn't complain too loudly.

phil having us take our membership and baptism vows

pastor kyle walking silas around the congregation
going to get baptized

we are so thankful for our new church and the love of our Heavenly Father!

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