Saturday, September 7, 2013

communing members

i happen to think that these two guys are the cutest communing members at our church!  they met with the elders last sunday and answered some questions about Jesus and the Bible.  they were part nervous and part super excited to do it.  we had arranged for all of us to meet to join the church as members and also for burrito and noodle to become communing members not knowing then that silas would be born 2 days before.  the church graciously allowed me to stay home and interview via facetime on john's phone while he and the boys met at church with the elders.  so this past sunday was their first communion and they were beside themselves excited the night before.  it was so cute!  when we went forward to take communion for the first time as an official family of 5 i was holding back tears watching them take the bread and wine (in their case grape juice) with huge smiles on their faces.  i am so proud of the Godly little men they are growing up to be.  Praise God!

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