Friday, May 23, 2014

9 months!

salsa you are 9 months old today!  what a crazy time this past month has been!  between the end of school, packing and moving, i feel like life has been racing by!  and you are changing SO much!

you are army crawling everywhere!  it is so cute to watch you scoot across the floor with such intensity, using your right arm and your left leg and foot to propel you around the room.  you even have a little blister on your big left toe from pushing your body around!  when you decide you want to go somewhere, you do it with such intensity.  burrito only army crawled and i see so much of him in you right now.

you are talking more now too!  you will say baa, baa and accidentally say mama and dada too.  we love to hear you talk to us.  you have learned how to ease yourself down from sitting to crawling but you haven't figured out how to sit from crawling.  you are on the verge of pulling up on things.  you love to do this in your bathtub and on the basket that holds your toys.

you are eating more baby food.  you eat baby yogurt every morning for breakfast and love every flavor.  for lunch you usually have a meat mixed with a veggie or just a veggie alone.  for dinner you will have another veggie and then oatmeal mixed with pears or bananas.  we have tried the little fruit puffs but you choke everytime and that freaks me out!  i'm such a wimp!  you are still nursing and i love that we still share that sweet time together, even if it is in the wee hours of the morning.

you have now graduated to your big boy carseat.  i think you like it more because you sit up higher and can see out the windows and it's not so confining so you don't get as hot.  this is a good thing because it will only get hotter outside as we move into summer.  you love taking baths and watching your brothers.  you love being outside and we have been going on lots of walks.  you are such a happy baby and many people notice this about you.  you love to drum and you will bang your hand or a toy on anything in front of you.  you still don't sleep very well and this whole moving thing has really exacerbated the issue.  i don't know what to do about his except to hold you and remind myself that i will miss these times one day.

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