Saturday, May 31, 2014

school stuff

i am so behind on blogging.  ughh.  at least i'm not behind on taking pictures.  i've got plenty of those and i finally made the time to organize them.  my older guys had a great 4th and 2nd grade year and i've loved watching them learn and grow and do new things.

noodle had a breakout performance this year in his class' musical.  he had a speaking part as joshua in the old testament and did excellent.  and he looked so cute!

burrito's big event this year was the medieval feast.  he had to design and build his own castle made from recycled materials only.  he did a great job and i was very proud of his vision and passion to complete it.  

they also had a day at school where they dress up like lords and ladies and are knighted by the headmaster.  burrito was knighted "burrito the courageous."  there was lots of feasting and participating in all sorts of medieval activities. 

he came home with this painted face!  look close because his eyes are closed but there are eyes painted on his eyelids. creepy!

and of course, salsa, had to get in on the action.  he is like burrito's and noodle's class mascot.  the entire class loves him!  it's really cute!

 he wasn't so sure about headmaster castello though!  ha!

school ended may 15 and i have SO enjoyed having all my little men home with me.  we were enjoying a morning walk one day and burrito and noodle were riding their scooters.  there was a cool breeze blowing and birds chirping and just as i was thinking this, burrito turned to me and said, "mom, this just feels so perfect."  and i couldn't agree more.  it was a great school year but i am thankful for summer!

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