Monday, June 23, 2014

10 months!

my little salsa baby you are growing up!  10 months! ahhh!

what a big month we have had!  we are in our new house!  i love to imagine what it will be like watching you grow up in this house.  you have loved exploring all the nooks and crannies in this place and because we now have stairs, we have been extra vigilant watching you scoot around until we install our baby gates.

you are still army crawling everywhere and getting faster at this.  you can go from sitting up to crawling with ease now and you are learning how to go from crawling to sitting up.  you ram your head and use it to force your body up.  it cracks us up!  your head size is in the 84th percentile and so we laugh that this is a good use of your huge head!  you want to pull up on us all the time but you haven't quite figured out how to do this and cruise on the furniture yet.  i am not worried and in no hurry for this, ha ha!
you have also figured out how to hold our hands and walk and you love to do this.  it is so funny to watch you go and sometimes you go so fast it is like you are running!  your brother burrito did not walk alone until 13 months but your brother noodle was walking at 10 months.  it is fun to wonder at what age you will figure this out.

you are talking a lot now and making new sounds and syllables everyday.  there's not a day that goes by that we don't laugh at something you say now.  and to think i was worried that you were such a quiet baby...boy has that changed!

you are still chowing down on food but you have your definite favorites and green vegetables are not one of them!  the big change this month is you have mastered eating the fruit puffs.  you can grab them and get them in your mouth and gum them to death.  and you love them!  we are thankful to have this little snack to keep you interested and happy while we are out running errands or trying to fix dinner.

sleep...oh the elusive sleep.  i will say that we have had a lot of change in our lives the past couple of months but one thing has not changed and that is you being a lousy sleeper.  that's right, i said it.  i miss sleep.  the pediatrician thinks it's normal though so i will keep trudging along but my gray hairs and bags beneath my eyes are growing and have your name written all over them!  i know that this is just a season (though too long of a season if you ask me!) and one day (maybe) i will look back and miss this (maybe).

your favorites still include bath time and we even had the opportunity to visit a water park this past week and you loved it!  we were there for 4 hours and you were happy as a peach.  you love splashing and moving in the water and we were all so thankful that you did so well.  your favorite toy is a drum set we got you because you love to beat on anything and everything!  you will scoot through the house with a drum stick in your hand banging on the floors, the walls and the doors.  you are sitting in your big high chair at the table and it is so sweet to eat at the table as a family of 5!  you still adore your big brothers and love to watch them be crazy.  you are all boy already and love to wrestle in the floor with dad.

salsa we are still so thankful for you great health even though God made you special with backwards organs.  it is so fun to watch you grow and learn!

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