Monday, June 2, 2014

summer fun

while we are crashing at my parents' house, we are also watching my 4 year old nephew, known here on the blog as porkchop.  it has been interesting to imagine what life would be like with 4 boys.  having one more kid really doesn't seem any different except for the noise level.  it seems like that goes up exponentially with each child added.  we've also enjoyed getting comments while out with four boys.  we've had more than one person tell us we need to try for a 5th to get a girl, ha, ha!  trust me, i would have another boy.  and we are not trying for a 4th or a 5th!

nonetheless, we have had fun running around with 4 boys and making the most of our time in limbo between houses.  we took the boys to the museum.  they had so much fun building and exploring and we even caught a little show at the planetarium.
this is a piece from tower 1 from the twin towers.  very sobering to see.

the next day we took a trip to a local park.  it was fun even for salsa because it was a handicapped accessible park and we rolled him around in the stroller everywhere.  he finally is okay with the swings and did that too.

then the next day we went to the zoo.  i LOVE the zoo.  this was salsa's first trip so that made me love it even more.  all 4 boys had a blast and it was such a good day.  the zoo has an exhibit right now with these giant robotic bugs so the boys had fun looking for all those.  we've discovered that salsa really loves animals and he grunts and talks to them and was so cute talking to all the animals at the zoo.

trying to fit in some summer fun before the next round of moving madness hits!

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