Thursday, February 21, 2013

14 weeks picture

here is my little baby bump last week at 14 weeks.  the bump also reflects a delicious mexican dinner we had that night. :)

my next appointment is tomorrow and i can't wait to hear the baby's heartbeat again.  it is such a reassurance to me that all is well.  i think we will be able to find out the gender of this baby sometime next month.  then let the real nesting begin!

in other rutherford news, baseball season officially starts next weekend.  we've been having practices for weeks now and the boys are excited to get started again.  burrito is on the sun devils this season and noodle is on the bulls.  both boys have a friend from school on their team so that makes it more fun!

both boys are continuing their violin lessons on wednesday afternoons after school.  they are doing great and seem to really enjoy it.

each year at the boys' school they have this thing called a speech meet.  each student selects a predetermined bible verse, poem or fable selection, memorize it, and then orally present it in front of their class.   then the judges (parents and teachers) select the top performance from each category and those students advance to the regional speech meet.  burrito always does great but has some stiff competition in his grade.  noodle recited psalm 23 and was the bible verse winner for his class.  he competes in the regional meet next friday, march 1.  we've been practicing and he meets with the other winners after school on tuesdays to perfect his delivery.

that's the latest around here.  homework, speech meet, violin and baseball keeps us plenty busy!  we've recently managed to squeeze in some read aloud time at night so we're on book 5 in the harry potter series.  the boys' latest obsession is monopoly, having moved in from their recent obsession with wheel of fortune (cracks me up!).

i love being a mom! :)

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