Friday, February 15, 2013

Some details...

there was no such thing as a blog when i was pregnant with burrito and noodle.  or if there was, i was oblivious because i had two babies just 18 months apart and i did not have time to get on the computer!

i plan to take full advantage of the opportunity to document every detail of this pregnancy, mainly for my reading pleasure now and in years to come.  so maybe this entry today is more of a way to tell our story to baby #3.

i found out i was pregnant on january 2, 2013.  without going into too much detail, i had been sick on two separate occasions so i assumed this was why my body was not performing its monthly duty.  and hadn't in 8 weeks.  my body is very mysterious so i honestly did not even consider the fact that i was pregnant.  it didn't help that after i was ill with my first sickness, i took a pregnancy test and it was negative.  to only complicate matters, ever since my surgery to remove my left ovary, i have struggled with on again off again nausea.  so the fact that i was nauseous still did not raise any red flags.  it was only after john's prodding that i decided to take another test to just rule out the possibility.  i even remember sitting on the couch the night before and telling him, "i almost hope that i am pregnant so that i will have an explanation for feeling so terrible...but i know i'm not."

so the morning of january 2, i stepped into the bathroom to take the test.  within a few moments, what appeared to be a positive sign appeared.  one line was a little faint and because i still just did not think i could be pregnant, i wasn't convinced.  when i stepped out of the bathroom to wake john to get his opinion he said, "you're pregnant, aren't you?"  i replied, "i think i am!"

of course, that didn't stop me from stopping by the drug store that day to buy another test so that i would be convinced that i was truly and really pregnant.  john thought i was crazy!  well, the second test confirmed it!  we were pregnant with baby #3!

i was feeling very sick almost the entire day and so we decided we had to tell burrito and noodle pretty soon because they could not understand why their mom was nauseous and lying around all the time.  we told them at breakfast on january 5 that we had a really big secret that had to remain a secret and we were trusting their word.  their curiosity was immediately peaked and it was so fun to watch and hear their reactions.  they just kept saying, "i can't believe we are going to have a baby!"  and they did an amazing job of keeping it quiet.  we let them call mimi and poppy and break the news over the speaker phone to them that night, which i think helped them to not be so tempted in telling others.  they also called and told my sister and john shared the news with his parents, nonna, and brother.

i had my first sonogram on january 10 (at 9 weeks) and was brought to tears at the sight of that little bitty heart beating.  it is always so reassuring to see the baby on the screen and to know all is well.  the heartbeat was 158 bpm and you could even see the two hemispheres of the brain.  the sonographer was so kind and even printed out pictures with the baby saying hi to the big brothers.

i had my first appointment on january 24 (at 11 weeks) and we were able to hear the heartbeat on the doppler.  it was 178 bpm and we could even hear the baby moving around a lot and kicking!  my due date is august 12, so currently i am 14 weeks.  the morning sickness (or all day sickness) is getting better and i have a little more energy, at least until about 7pm!  we hope to find out the gender of the baby sometime in mid to late march.

we are all over the moon excited about this third baby and it has been super fun to watch the boys process the pregnancy and idea of a baby coming to our family.

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