Friday, February 22, 2013

2nd prenatal visit

today was my second prenatal visit.  we heard the heartbeat on the doppler in about 1 second!  the heart rate was 145 bpm this time.  i am starting to feel this baby move around some.  it is such a sweet feeling!

i am currently 15 weeks pregnant and could potentially find out the gender of the baby as soon as next week.  i have cold feet about it though.  it's more fun to me to wonder if this could possibly be a girl.  we will definitely go for a sonogram around 20 weeks to check anatomy and have necessary diagnostic measurements done.  so the debate is, do we wait until then or do we pay a little extra and find out sooner?  i'm not sure what we will decide to do.

i am finally feeling human again.  no more morning sickness, though it is still hard for me to stay awake past 9pm, especially now that i am working more.  i keep waiting for the unending energy to hit so i can get some things done around the decorate a nursery!

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