Friday, November 8, 2013

11 weeks!

salsa you are 11 weeks old today! sometimes when i look at you, i can't believe that you are my baby and other times i can't remember what life was like without you!  you are changing so fast!  you are getting better and better at tummy time and you will even "talk" instead of just cry during it.  we tried out your bumbo for the first time and you seem to like it, as evidenced by the adorable picture of you in it above.  you're not really old enough for it just yet, but i like to keep my hand on you while you're in it and that seems to make you happy.  you are getting both of your fists to your mouth now and that seems to help you self soothe when you are upset.  we wonder if you will be a finger sucker?!?!  burrito liked the paci, noodle didn't like anything, so maybe we will have a finger sucker after all.  we are going through a tough sleeping period right now.  it seems you are having problems transitioning from light sleep to deep sleep so you are taking several cat naps a day but you still sleep pretty good at night.  in fact, you slept through the night (9ish-6ish) twice last week but lately you still like to have a midnight snack.  i don't mind too much though.  it is really sweet having that special time with you.  you still hate the carseat and i am wondering about switching you to a bigger convertible carseat to see if you like that better.  i'm always trying to figure you out! you love your big brothers and you have big smiles when you see them.  you enjoy your baby einstein play mat and will be happy there long enough for me to get a quick shower in the mornings.  you seem to enjoy the bouncy seat more and you act like you are trying really hard to reach out and swat the toys on the toy bar.  they are still just a little out of your reach though.  your new favorite toy is a tiny owl blanket. part of it is in the picture below.  it has an owl on one corner and you love for me to hold it while you "talk" at him. it is so fun to see you discover new things!  your voice is changing and you are hitting higher pitched noises and you have a million facial expressions.  it makes me and burrito and noodle laugh so hard!  you can even raise your left eyebrow independent of the right.  i can't even do that!  you get mad when you get the hiccups, and so do we because it is so hard to get rid of them.  you have the cutest little sneezes.  you are finally getting more hair!  you still like sleeping in your swing but we are going to start sleeping in your crib very soon!  salsa we love you so much!  you are the sweetest addition to our family!

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