Saturday, November 23, 2013

3 months!

 baby salsa you are 3 months old today!  you are getting so big and learning so many new tricks! you are now sleeping in your room in your crib.  your first night there was friday, november 8.  your dad and i were thinking it would be a loooong night as you adjusted to your new surroundings but you did great!  you still wake up about an hour after we put you down but most of the time all it takes is for one of us to go in and hold you a bit and then you are down for the night. but in keeping with your name, you like to keep it a little spicy and sometimes you wake up several times and just want to be with us.  you are such a people person which is so cute and endearing until bedtime rolls around!

you are also napping so much better!  you nap in your swing in your room and you love to watch the little monkeys spin around above you until you swing into sweet slumber.  you usually take a long morning nap and then three smaller naps throughout the day.  i feel like we've finally settled into a breastfeeding groove which makes me so happy...i'm not always second-guessing things like before. you are crying less in the car and i'm not sure if it's because we don't get out very much or if it's because you have found your fists!  you love to stick your whole fist in your mouth and suck away!  you are still trying to get a finger or two in your mouth instead but you haven't quite figured that one out.  are you going to be a finger sucker???
note the tongue of concentration and the blurry arms and are a wild man!
you love your play gym and you are able to grab your lion, whale and turtle.  you will happily play here for 45 minutes in the morning which allows me to take a shower.  awesome!  we call them your morning friends!  you also like your bouncy seat more because you try to reach the toys on the bar now too.  your favorite is your little owl blanket.  you love to hold him in your carseat and if i hold him near your face, you will talk to him like you are the best of friends.
the play gym with big brothers
you are doing so good at tummy time!  when i put you on the boppy you will even talk happily.  you are less happy doing tummy time without it but this past week while doing this in the crib, you accidentally rolled over.  the look on your face made me were so surprised.

tummy time
i love how you always smile at me or dad or your brothers.  it is so sweet!  i love to see you smile when i come to get you out of the crib in the mornings.  i love how you snuggle up to me when i am holding you. when i look back at your monthly pictures i am amazed at how much you've changed and how big you are getting.  we are so happy to have you in our family!

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