Saturday, November 30, 2013


this year, as a way to practice being intentionally grateful for all we've been given, we had a "thankfulness pumpkin" that sat on our dining room table.  each night at dinner, we took turns naming things which we are thankful for and we watched the pumpkin fill up over the course of november.  i thought it would be fun to document what we noted here for posterity.

we are thankful for:

baby brother, parents, house, Bible, having 3 boys, good health, family, church, Jesus, food and water, electricity, books, friends, washing machine, dishwasher, clothes, grandparents, Mimi's backyard, pets, reliable cars, tv, researching on internet, restaurants, Christmas, mexican food, sports, money, plants, Charlie Brown, mid century furniture, good food like the sugar burger, heaters, trees, showers and baths, cousins, microwaves, golf clubs, coffee, football, stuffed animals, pumpkin everything, milk, tea, clean water to drink, wii, golf, soda, biscuits with cinnamon honey butter, cranberry sauce, thanksgiving, CCA, Christmas music, redbirds, leaves that change color, U2, david crowder, third day, toby mac, movies, candy, laughter, video games, classical music, teachers, pretty colors, the beach, medieval times, road trips, garage sales, thrifting, warm sunny days, veterans, learning different languages, birds like blue jays and peacocks, hot cocoa, singing, snow, jackets, mountains, ears to hear with, clothing, sunsets and sunrises, brownies, slow mornings, fun loom bracelets, muffins, cameras, castles, Christian parents, fossils, crafts, different personalities, bicycles, water birth, the joy of getting a good grade on a test, learning math, learning games at school, running, hearing salsa talk, reflection, medicines, doctors, furniture, walks, bike rides, parks, water bottles, cheese, bread, crock pots, pots and pans, Dad's job, salsa does not need surgery, diaper showers, roller coasters, potato soup on cold nights, cozy blankets, candles, birthday celebrations, winter and all the seasons, sleep, watching salsa play and learn, salsa sleeping at night, time together as a family, reading out loud, warm days, pictures, family fun days, salsa doesn't scream in the car anymore, dr. doss, Christmas trees...

and in truth, this idea was not originally mine...i think i saw it on pinterest somewhere.  it was fun to see all the way the Lord provides for us!

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