Monday, December 23, 2013

4 months!

salsa you are 4 months old! we are loving this new stage of life with you.  you are all smiles, especially when your big brothers are around and you are even giggling some too!  you are experimenting with your voice and we are loving all your new sounds.  it is so funny to watch your face and mouth as you concentrate so hard in making all your different sounds.  we especially love the happy cooing you make after you've eaten and are just satisfied with life.
your first snow (ice) day...your dad loves this picture
you are finally happy to ride in the car and we are all so thankful!  you can now get individual fingers in your mouth and your thumb and pointer seem to be your favorites.  if you are not eating or sleeping, you've got your hands or fingers in your mouth at all times. 
ice day with your brothers
you are a real pro at rolling over from your belly to your back.  in fact, you're so good at it now that we can't seem to keep you on your tummy anymore.  you still haven't quite figured out rolling from your back to your belly but you are getting close.
thing 1, 2 and 3 in Latin, a gift from one of dad's students

you love your baby einstein play gym still and you often talk to your "morning friends," while mommy takes a shower.  you also now appreciate your bouncy seat more because you can reach the toys on the toy bar and we've added some extra toys to keep it interesting.  you still love your owl blankie and little crinkly book the most in the car.  you've mastered grabbing toys and holding onto them and then sticking them in your mouth.

you are sleeping through the night more often now and it almost feels wrong to not wake up in the night with you.  you still are not a great napper...there is something about the 40 minute mark that you just can't get past. 
salsa you are my miracle baby and oftentimes i hesitate to say that because it sounds very melodramatic but i know that it is true.  we read that 95% of babies with your presentation of situs inversus has a heart defect but you are part of the 5% that don't!  that is a miracle!  we are so grateful God preserved your life and made you special and healthy!

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