Sunday, December 29, 2013

christmas 2013

christmas this year was a vast improvement over last year. last year, noodle, burrito and i were sick.  we all had fever, felt terrible, and were quarantined from the family get-together.  we stayed home and ate frozen pizza.  the only plus was that it snowed.

this year we were on high-alert when it came to washing hands and using hand sanitizer.  we did not want to miss out on christmas again (not to mention we want a healthy baby!).  avoid germs we did and we had a lovely time celebrating christmas at my parents' house (which was my grandparents' house) along with 18 other family members.

it was especially fun celebrating with a baby in the house!  first up is christmas eve with john's parents via skype.  uncle daniel was here with us but somehow eluded my camera.  here are some of my favorite pictures...

the brothers
santa brought me a baby this year!

an aggie football from nonna

a horned frogs football from nonna
chipping net and golf balls from daniel
legos and a gift card from uncle daniel

salsa got a new sleep sack to stay warm in at night

our traditional christmas eve pajamas...i was so happy to hear burrito squeal with glee that they were all matching. i was a little afraid that he might have thought he was too old for this.  made my heart happy!
our advent tree

our new skinny christmas tree with revolving tree stand!
 then came christmas morning!

they were the most excited about these socks!

salsa did not know what to think about presents
 then it was on to mimi's and poppy's house!

my sister gave salsa this charlie brown doll and onesie of charlie brown's shirt!

we thought it was funny that the present was bigger than the baby!
the theme this year was legos, sports and college teams!  it is so fun to me to look back and watch how the boys' tastes have changed with age.

this season was super sweet to us.  we think it was a combination of adding salsa to the family, our advent readings, and being home A LOT and not being overly busy.  i love my sweet boys and my sweet Jesus whose birth we celebrate.

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