Saturday, August 23, 2014

12 months

salsa, today is your 1st birthday!
we have had so much fun celebrating you today!  i will save the details (and oodles of pictures) of your party for another post because i want to talk about all the ways you have changed in the past month.  you have been so fun lately!  i really feel like you are understanding more and more and even communicating back to us a few things.

you love puppy dogs (and really all animals) and when we ask you, "did you hear the puppy dog?" you always look out the window in the direction of our neighbor's dog.  you also love looking at animal books and when we say "the cow says moo," you moo back.  it is so cute.  you still babble a bunch and you will try and imitate the sounds we make.

your favorite things right now are books, your farm, and balls.  you will pull a book off your shelf and fuss until we sit there and open it to read to you.  when you see us do this you get so excited and you love looking at the pictures and turning the pages.  you have been playing with your farm set a lot, feeding the horse apples and the cow hay.  you also love playing with balls.  you will bounce them on the floor and roll them to me.  you also love to walk around holding our hands and kick the ball across the room.  i am amazed that you have the coordination to do this already.

you are FINALLY sleeping better.  there are MAJOR hallelujahs going on in this house over this!  there have been a handful of days where you don't make a peep all night and then a few others where you wake up crying but eventually soothe yourself back to sleep.  and in just the past few days you've been taking longer naps.  like 1.5 hour naps.  i was worried something was wrong but your dad just reminded that THIS is finally sleeping.  i feel like a new woman, ha, ha!

you are eating a ton of food.  your appetite has really increased but your openness to trying new things has not.  you love to eat yogurt for breakfast and then will snack on a blueberry muffin or cheerios.  for lunch, you eat bananas mixed with some other secret food that you would not eat by itself (like a meat or green veggie) or sweet potatoes or avocados.  for dinner you still prefer a BIG bowl of oatmeal mixed with a fruit and usually some cheerios too.  you are still nursing 4 times a day and i am so proud that we have made it for a whole year!

our daily routine now that your brothers are back to school is something like this:  wake up and nurse, breakfast with the boys before they leave with dad in the morning, play time, go for a walk in the neighborhood, play time, naptime, wake up and nurse, run our errands, come back and eat lunch, go down for an afternoon nap, wake and nurse, go get the boys at school, playtime, dinner, bathtime, nurse and bedtime.

you love walking and have taken a few steps on your own on numerous occasions.  your first steps were on august 8.  you still love being outside and you like to walk in the grass and swing on our new swingset.  you have quickly figured out how to climb up our steps so we have to be very diligent in watching you because you are fast!  you still love taking baths, going to the waterpark and getting splashed.  you have no fear of the water!  you stick your feet up on the table and on the tray of your stroller every time without fail.  you do not like being in your carseat when your brothers are not in the backseat with you.  you will play peek a boo and lay down in the floor to pretend you are asleep.  you rub your eyes when i turn on your sound machine and you will snuggle up to me for one last hug before i put you in your crib.  you love to brush your teeth and you will sit still and let me brush. then you will take your turn and i eventually have to take the toothbrush away because you would never give it up.  your 6 little teeth are so cute. 

i'm not sure if i will continue documenting all your new accomplishments each month but i have surely enjoyed doing it for your first year.  you are such a gift to our family and we are so thankful for your life (and cute little smile!).

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