Tuesday, August 12, 2014

1st day of school 2014

here we come 5th and 3rd grades!

summer 2014 is over and we are on to another school year.  burrito is now in logic school and in a different building than noodle.  he is getting so grown up! ugh!  i love, love, love noodle's teacher and am so excited for his year in 3rd grade.  he is such a good student and a sweet spirit.  i'm thinking 5th grade will be a pivotal year for burrito.  school gets pretty serious so i'm expecting some growing pains and praying for grace.  walking them to school today reminded me of how grateful and thankful i am (or should be!) that they have this opportunity to attend a private, Christian and classical school where i really do feel i am able to partner with their teachers in the education of my boys.  it is a gift.

and just for fun and because i love being nostalgic, i thought i would include past pictures of the first days of school.
1st and Pre-K
2nd and Kindergarten
3rd and 1st grades

4th and 2nd grades
5th and 3rd grades

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