Sunday, March 10, 2013

first time mom

i feel a little like a first time mom because it has been SO long since i've been pregnant!  but in some ways i feel like a seasoned mom because i am able to fully appreciate every little step of this journey because i know how fleeting it is.  i felt baby boy for the first time from the outside of my stomach last night.  i've been feeling him move and kick ever so often for weeks now, and i am so anxious to be able to share that with john and the boys.  last night there was a small, hard bump that felt like a foot or fist, but by the time john tried to feel it, baby boy had moved.  this is one of the most amazing things about being pregnant!

we started our spring break on friday and we are loving the slower-paced schedule around here.  we went to the fort worth museum of science and history on friday.  i was gifted a family membership for christmas and we wanted to see the special exhibit that they have on the titanic before it ends at the end of this month.  it was really interesting and really sad...they had so many warnings of icebergs and it really showed the destructive nature of pride.  they were convinced that the ship was unsinkable and not even an iceberg would stop it.  sadly, they were grossly incorrect.  i think burrito and noodle enjoyed it, even though there was a lot of reading involved.  then we did the regular museum stuff until our bellies were growling for lunch!
noodle building his bridge
the finished product!
looking through the bridge
burrito inside a dinosaur footprint

yesterday we made the trek to ikea to buy a dresser for the nursery.  i am SO ready to start nesting.  my mom and dad ordered our crib and mattress yesterday too (thanks guys!) so maybe by the end of the week we will have some baby furniture!  john and i have had fun looking at pinterest for decorating ideas.  i am so glad we have the same taste (mostly)! 

i have to work monday through wednesday of this week so the boys have lots of "boy activities" planned and we are hoping to get some yard work and gardening done too.  we are ready for spring and some warmer temperatures!

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