Monday, March 11, 2013

speech meet

i think i mentioned in a previous post that noodle won a competition in his class for the speech meet.  every student in grades 1-6 select a bible verse, poem, or fable to memorize and recite before their class and a few adult judges.  noodle selected psalm 23 this year.  because he was selected to advance to the regional meet, i was able to accompany him to a christian school in arlington and spend the day with him.  he was one of the first groups to go back and recite their passage (and the parents could not go with them), so we spent the rest of the day hanging out with other students from our school until 1:00 when they held the awards ceremony.  each student could receive a good, excellent or superior ribbon and of those that received superiors, they could qualify to win a gold, silver or bronze medal.  noodle won an excellent ribbon and i was so proud!  this is a picture of him before we left that morning.
isn't he SOOOOOOOOOO cute and handsome????
and this is him the following wednesday when all the participants were to bring their ribbons and/or medals to school to be recognized in chapel.
we are so proud of you noodle!  great job!

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