Friday, March 29, 2013

halfway there...20 weeks and the diagnostic ultrasound

i am 20w 4d today!  halfway there until we meet this newest little man! 

i've had so many emotions go through my head today.  it's good friday so we've done a good deal of talking and thinking about Christ and how he chose to die on a cross so that our sins can be forgiven and we can spend eternity with him.  while He conquered death and sin when He rose three days later, my melancholy self really feels the death part of it every good friday. 

and on the flip side, today was my 20 week diagnostic ultrasound.  we were able to watch this little guy growing in my belly for almost an hour.

death and life.  His death so that we could have life.

Jesus died so that all who call upon him and believe in him will have eternal life.  what a joy and privilege it is to raise up three men who i hope and pray will love and serve Jesus all their days.  i am so in love with my little growing family and the Jesus we love and serve.

the ultrasound to me is always fascinating and miraculous!  i really love the lady we've used for the ultrasounds this time around too.  she is a believer and really loves her job.  she always does a very thorough job and i always feel like she goes the extra mile to make it extra special for us.  she even gave us a disk of some the images she captured today.

can you tell what he is doing in this last picture?  he is sucking his thumb!  you could see his mouth and jaw move as he sucked.  it was amazing!

his heart rate was 148bpm and he was constantly moving!  on more than one occasion, she had a hard time getting a good measurement because he would not be still!  i've got another little wild man  baking in the oven.  i don't think he appreciated all the poking and prodding because there were a few really strong kicks from him that i had not yet experienced.  his gender was confirmed multiple times...he is definitely a boy, no doubt about it!  there was a point that she had to reload the paper so that she could print out some pictures for us so she had me hold the probe.  for a few minutes, i got to pretend that i was a sonographer.  it was so fun!  it makes me a little sad to think that if all goes well, this will be our last peek at him until he is born.  

i was thankful that we all were able to go again together as a family to do this.  the boys enjoyed making their own comments and diagnoses and asking lots of questions.  20 more weeks to go!

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