Wednesday, March 6, 2013

the big reveal! it's a...

so i mentioned in my last post that we were trying to decide if we wanted to do an ultrasound to determine gender now or wait until my 20 weeks ultrasound.  i was leaning towards waiting but john was so ready to find out and i figured, everything else in this pregnancy is about me so he deserved his wishes with this!

we had the first appointment at the ultrasound center at 8:30 saturday morning.  we were a little nervous when we arrived and no one was there yet, but she soon came and we were totally impressed with the facility there.  we were in a private room with plenty of seating for john and the boys and the ultrasound image was projected onto a huge flat screen tv.  it was so fun experiencing this with our boys because they have never seen one of these before.  the ultrasound lady was so kind and because she had been a little late, she spent more time showing us things on the ultrasound than she was obligated.

as soon as the image appeared on the screen, i saw it.  she said to me in a whisper, "are you looking at what i'm looking at?"  yes, just like my previous ultrasounds, there was no denying that this baby is a BOY!!!

she went on to show us his heart, brain, spinal cord, stomach, and bladder.  baby boy was moving all around with his hand up near his head.  she even showed us a 4d image of what he looks like which looked so crazy!  there's just something about watching your baby on a screen that makes this pregnancy so real and so sweet!  i could watch it all day long!

but we had baseball games and a birthday party to get to, so off we went with our day.  john took burrito to his baseball game while noodle and i stayed home to make a cake.  we had decided to make a gender reveal cake and share with our families on sunday as a fun way to break the news that this baby is a boy!  so noodle and i baked up a blue cake for the big reveal.  i love his face's almost like he's being sneaky!

and after a little drama with the cake (which one day will make for a funny story but not yet!), this is how it turned out!

we had a celebration on my parent's house.  my sister and nephew came and we had john's family on facetime so they could witness the big reveal at the same time.  my mom cut the cake to reveal the blue insides!

now that we know we are having our third son, we are on to the monumental task of deciding on a name.  we have a front runner for now but we are not completely ready to commit to it just yet.  because i like to maintain a little privacy on my blog, i will keep with the trend of using nicknames for the boys.  so we have burrito and noodle...what name should we use for baby boy???

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