Thursday, August 8, 2013

39 weeks

wow.  this is the longest i have ever been pregnant.  i had burrito 16 days early and noodle 8 days early, and i was convinced that this guy would follow suit and be early too.  well, he only has 4 more days to make that happen and according to my midwife at this week's appointment, it probably isn't going to happen!
these are terrible phone pics thanks to the lighting but oh well...i wanted to make sure we got these just in case he decided to make his appearance sooner rather than later!

and i wanted to get some pics of the boys with my belly this week for posterity sake. :)

they both told my midwife that they are "done waiting" for silas to come, so i think we are all ready and anxious to meet him.  i did pray that silas would bake up nice and big way back when we first learned of his medical issues so i guess this is just the Lord answering that prayer! :)

my body is just not built to carry this much weight all on the front end so i am feeling more and more tired.  it has been 2000 degrees outside this week and dad, who is much more fun than mom, started back to in service at school this week.  so all that to say, we are just barely making it around here.

the first day of school is next tuesday, august 13, so i am just praying, praying, praying that that is NOT the day silas decides to make his grand appearance!

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