Wednesday, August 14, 2013

40 weeks!

i can't believe i just typed that!  i am officially past my due date!  it seems little silas jack is pretty happy just hibernating.  truth be told, i am just glad he did not come on the first day of school!

i had an appointment with my midwife today and we don't think anything will happen in the next week.  you never know though!  my poor family is tired of sitting on pins and needles wondering when he will make his grand entrance.  there are so few real surprises in life and we are all a little (or a lot!) "type a" so i think it's a good thing that God is trying to stretch us by teaching us patience and reminding us that we truly are not in control!

i love being pregnant but i am at that point where i am ready to have my normal body back.  i just can't move the same way being this big and sleeping is a joke!  and to be honest, the anticipation of this natural, unmedicated birth can be a little overwhelming at times.  i know i can do it, but i also know how hard it will be and i just want that behind me.  and i can't wait to see my silas jack!

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