Friday, August 9, 2013

july and august fun

so this will be a huge phone picture dump.  i am just too big and pregnant to tote my good camera around these days!  we've had a lot of fun hanging near home this summer.  thanks to a huge blessing from my parents, our stay-cation has consisted mostly of trips to hawaiian falls.  they bought all of us a season pass so we have gone once a week all summer to take advantage of this blessing.  the boys and john have also enjoyed a TON of bike riding this summer, recently clocking in a 6 mile ride!  they love to bike to nearby parks, play tag and other "manly" activities, and then ride back home.  next summer, silas and i will be able to join them.  here are some other fun things we've done lately:

Late night movie to see Despicable Me 2
We thought this would be good for crazy hat day!
Free slurpees on 7/11 from 7-11
Early morning trips to the park (before it gets too hot!)  I love that they are still thrilled with going to the park!

Feeding the ducks at another local park...there were even little ducklings!

They were pretending to be in jail!

Making homemade play-doh for the first time.
Making play-doh food
Don't you love their aprons?!?!  We like to bake in them a lot! :)
i just love my little men and all the fun, simple things that we do together to make life fun!  i can't believe we are about to add another little man to the mix! and i can't believe that summer is almost over!

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