Thursday, August 1, 2013

still pregnant...11 days and counting...

it's august 1st and we are all just waiting on this baby over here.  even burrito and noodle are getting impatient!  we are so ready and so excited to meet this new little guy and my body is D.O.N.E. being pregnant!

john starts in service at school on monday and then the boys start back to school the following tuesday, august 13.  my technical "due date" is august 12th but it would sure be more convenient if he came just a little early!  the beginning of school every year is crazy!  all the school forms, school supplies, school uniforms, meet the teacher, pickup/drop off, lunches, and being on a schedule really sends us for a loop.  john and i have to remind ourselves each year that our children are only tired from the first weeks of school and we have not committed some awful parenting fail because it gets ugly around here.

silas is still moving around but he has definitely slowed down and his movements are more twisting and turning than wild and crazy flailing like they have been in the past few months.  i'm still measuring small but that's because i AM small and he is too and he likes being all balled up inside.  his head is down and ready to go so i keep thinking any day now but we will see. 

hoping that my next post on here will be pictures of our new baby!

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